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Prototype for a Clinic

Valley Health Center East Valley

Valley Health Center, East Valley

ABA’s precedent-setting design for a county health center began with the understanding that going to a clinic is a family event in many cultures. A ‘public market’ space is designed as a gathering spot for parents, children and grandparents while a ‘public street’ connects various clinics. A curtain wall of windows faces a protective courtyard where children can play while under the watchful eyes of their family members.

“The New Valley Health Center at East Valley has shattered the ‘myth’ of a county building. Overall, the project is a master planned 8.6-acre site including phased construction of Mental Health and Public Health Buildings and a new clinic building that ultimately became the prototypical satellite clinic for Santa Clara County’s Valley Medical Center.” –Robin Roche, Executive Director, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Ambulatory and Managed Care

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