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House on a Hill

Private Residence

Portola Valley Residence

Home can be difficult to define, encompassing connections, sanctuary, showcase, and sustainable living. In designing a home, an important part of the process is to envision how it might be lived in now and over time as needs evolve. So it was with this home, where ABA worked to ensure a design with those extra qualities of enticing views, accommodating future family growth, embracing guests, and easing the flow of day-to-day life. ABA’s tailor-made design fit to a challenging steeply sloped site. “We marvel every day at the way the architectural design captures the views and varied environments on the property, creating so many unique microvenues. There is a ‘wow factor’ to appreciate in almost every room and space.” ~Client The site design takes best advantage of the expansive views, natural light and its passive heating and cooling effects, while respecting numerous trees. Split level floor plans allow privacy for the bedroom suites, while providing circulation for family and entertainment areas. An integrated interior and exterior design respond to the client’s need for function and a unique aesthetic; with easy access to a protected pool and spa. The use of cedar siding and stone façade achieves harmony with the unique landscape of the site and offer a natural contrast to the large glass windows and a subtle low-sloping metal roof.

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